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Grant – Any public money is given as a public money. Grant money is given to people for projects which do not come to fruition as a result of the public money. Grant money is awarded on the basis of economic success of applicants of the programme. Grant money is used for the maintenance and development of an entire environment and is aimed at improving quality of life. When projects are funded, the projects should be approved by the relevant government department. When the proposal comes out, the project management department usually has the authority to accept the project. Grant money is to be used for the establishment of local government units and projects which are in need of development. Grant money is often used in education areas and projects for which grants are being provided for have not been successful, for instance, rural development, industrial expansion projects, construction-related projects and infrastructure developments, like water or power schemes. Grant money should not be given for projects which end up falling short in its quality.

Contribution – Any investment of government money is not allowed. Contribution money means that government money will be spent for a particular project as a result of a contribution. The government will give the contribution money to the person or organisation who wants to make use of it.

What have the government departments used it for?

The government departments that received fund money include: the department of rural development, the department of civil engineering, the department of housing, land, housing, education and education, the department of rural development and the department of tourism, among others.

Didn’t any of these departments use this money for their own projects at the time the money went to your NGO?

This question needs to be addressed by the Ministry of Finance. However, the list can be compiled. Some of the projects funded were:

1) Public Works Project by the ministry of rural development to pave the road to the government office here.

2) Public Works project at the airport to build the airport runway which was completed in 2003.

3) Public works project at the Birla airport to build and widen the runway which was completed in 1998.

4) Improvement project of some of the public works constructed in the city of Nagpur – such as the Raja Periyar Road- and the city of Kolar.

5) Improvement project of the railway station at Gorakhpur.

6) Improvement project of the railway station at Kolar among others.

7) Improvement work of the railway station

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