Is there a grant for a new boiler?

(yes or no)* Yes Yes I have never received nor used a grant from a grant administrator, but have spoken with staff of departments (the grant administrator for grant funding) and individuals who are well-versed in the grant application process. They all told me that if a boiler has been proposed to the grant administrator, that boiler is not a grant issue as it is a matter of department and project coordination. If the boiler has been proposed and does not make a financial impact on the department budget, I would like to see those departmental funds invested more in other aspects of the department, if necessary. If a grant applicant requests a grant for a boiler but not the other components of the department, that could be because that boiler is of lesser importance to the budget. However, I would say that is not necessarily a negative thing as it would still be a valuable piece within the department. This does not mean it is necessarily a bad thing (although more of these type of requests should be considered a sign of good organization within government).

Have other projects of other agencies been approved through the process or been approved by the grant administrator? Yes No I do not know of any other grants that have been accepted through this grant process and approved by the grant administrator.

Have you participated in prior government or non-profit grants that have used this grant process? Yes No I have not done any prior grant planning for these grant applications.

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Please describe the organization:* Nonprofits, government (including county and state governments, or university or local governments), philanthropy Not Applicable I would say that any organization in the private sector or not-for-profit could use these grant strategies to get their name out there and raise awareness, but I would say generally the grants in the NRC are very much geared towards non-profits, with some exceptions. Nonprofit organizations will generally use the term “volunteer” to refer to the grant, rather than volunteer for a team, as there is a certain time and focus that they are looking for. This, in my opinion, is a better way for them to describe their grant program and is much better for people to understand and interpret these terms.

What is the primary use of the funding (e.g., what is the purpose of the grant)?* Nonprofits, government (including county and state governments, or university or local governments), philanthropy Not Applicable I would argue that for these organizations, the primary application function is the following. They want to raise some money