Is Grant same as loan? – Federal Government Grants Help Commission

If you are interested in a Grant, please use this tool to see how we calculate your interest rate. If you do not qualify to repay loan(s), please contact us and we will work with you to apply for a repayment or, alternatively, you may consider a loan in our online lending service.

What is the maximum credit limit for each loan I receive?

For both direct loans and loans for other students, the maximum credit limit for each loan is €15,000.

For Direct Loan for students who have already repaid their previous loan, the maximum credit limit is €10,000.

How do I get interest rate help?

You can get advice about your interest rate by using the online interest rate help service or phone: +353 1 707 90 40

You can also email us.

For more information please contact us!

The government’s new counter-terror measures introduced in November were supposed to “reduce the risk to public safety,” the director general of Scotland Yard said today.

Sir Peter Fahy said the new legislation, which included a “kill switch” and measures to prevent a return to the “preparatory stages” of the 9/11 attacks, had “failed to stop the risk” of terrorists returning to harm British citizens.

He was speaking in Parliament after the Home office announced plans to introduce a legal limit on the length of time people with “reasonable suspicion” that a terrorist attack is being planned can remain in the country before they must be expelled.

Sir Peter went on to claim that there had been “no significant changes to the threat” from terrorism as a consequence of the new laws.

It emerged today that Home Office inspectors investigating the government’s crackdown on Islamist radicalisation had found “widespread and unacceptable” evidence of the security services trying to recruit young people on the internet with the aim of changing their thinking in order to influence and radicalise them.

The latest review is the most damning yet of the measures introduced by Tony Blair and David Cameron, and comes amid intense public criticism of what many are calling a “surveillance state”.

Last month it emerged that the government plans to make it clear to British citizens they will be automatically refused entry to the US and Canada when they visit British airports, while officials are preparing to introduce a new law to force “covert” surveillance on people travelling under a European arrest warrant.

Meanwhile, the government is to force internet access providers

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