Is fafsa free money?

Yes, Fafsa is free money.

Fafsa pays you money every month, at a fixed exchange rate based upon the value in pounds sterling, the US dollar, and the Euro.

For example, you can sign up for Fafsa and pay a £10 monthly fee as a way to spread your monthly cost of money over time. You pay each month and the fees are charged at the end of the month.

Why buy Fafsa?

Fafsa is a good investment.

You can earn regular income from the Fafsa deposit and interest earned on the fund. These are normally paid on deposit, but they can also be paid out as your interest income.

You can also access other benefits that you could never get from a traditional savings account such as:

further savings options

free financial advice by Money Advice Plus

no monthly fees

free Money Advice Plus financial advice when you apply for your first account, with the option to make payments for as long as you decide to pay.

Money Advice Plus also gives you:

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For my first project I am creating a small 3d-printed wooden statue.

The wood from the pieces made by my first project, a 3d-printed wooden head, is a base for my latest build.

This will be the first version of the statue, and will have an open source design as I work on it.

I am using LEGO as the basis for this statue, and will be releasing an open sourced model for free download on Github along with the 3d-printed version. The open-source model allows you to download the design and print or 3d-print the 3d-printed part of the statue. When printing it will be a one-size-fits-all model.

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