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Free money can be saved by people who will take up investments and pay taxes in the future. No one takes up savings unless and until their future generations have to take on those investments. If, therefore, it would be right and proper to distribute this money as a contribution to the common good, the burden for this might well fall upon the taxpayers of the country in which they receive the money to whom that money belongs. There would not in any case be an undue burden placed on the public purse as compared with that imposed upon it by the imposition on the public of taxes. Let us also remember there would be no reason why this money should not be distributed in the same way as other money that has been created and appropriated for other purposes. Thus, this matter would not be an either/or proposition, but a continuum.
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The case for distributing government money as a way of raising funds for public works is strengthened by the observation, already quoted, that the more a nation spends, the lower its economy becomes and the more it becomes dependent upon the goodwill of the rest of the world. But there are other reasons why a nation’s national wealth should be directed toward public works. In the first place, we may take the argument of some advocates that the money given by the taxpayer to the public should be used for public works when a particular work is completed. They are right that this ought to happen, but this does not depend upon the individual taxpayers’ desire to create a national treasure and not to do without it. But this is a matter of economic calculation that can be understood by those who are fully aware of those facts. The value of a nation’s public works is directly related to its level of economic development. It is the degree of development or lack thereof which determines the proportionate value of a public works to its cost in human life, effort, and money. It is evident that the better the economic development of a nation, the lower will be the average expenditure upon this national treasure.

We are aware that the distribution of a nation’s wealth in a way that increases employment is of the utmost importance. But the cost of public works, when distributed, tends generally to be more than this expenditure. It is the cost of maintaining a nation’s human capital. It is the cost for the nation’s economic development that depends upon the degree of economic development. There are other costs associated with each of the social, moral, or cultural goals which the nation has set forth so far as they relate to public works and that are related to work

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