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The idea is relatively simple. You fill out a simple form in exchange for a cash or voucher for your meal. But as it works its way into the media, it’s starting to sound more and more like something out of The Matrix: a virtual reality dystopia in which consumers are forced to wear artificial skins to survive.

There’s a good reason for this. When you fill out the form for “virtual meat” on the Furry Planet website, you’re essentially granting Google something called a Terms of Use agreement. Google has a lot of power.

The terms say that Google can use any images of yourself in your pictures or videos, and that you give Google access to any information it has on you, including your images, videos and text messages. If you’re not happy with Google’s use of your pictures and videos, don’t worry, there is also a “Privacy Policy”.

Now, it’s true that Google might not be able to take your personal information and use it it to help you. In fact, there were a number of reports from a couple of months ago, where those who are really interested in this virtual meat started complaining:

“As of today I have received several inquiries and complaints through a variety of sources regarding what I called Virtual Meat – or ‘Animal-Replaceable Mesh Clothing’ on the Furry Planet website. A number of the complaints concern the fact that Virtual Meat is very different from what the Furry Planet claims to be. They’re complaining that my Virtual Meat is a different flesh color than what I see in real life. This is simply wrong! Virtual Meat is a complete skin replacement for those who are allergic to any type of animal contact!” – A.D., from “Animal-Replaceable Mesh Clothing”

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“I think the Furry Planet is lying if they claim they are able to turn you into what they call an ‘animal-replacement’. I was going to order some from the Furry Planet anyway, just because I wanted to buy and install on my laptop but they do not make one.” – H.S., from “Animal-Replaceable Mesh Clothing”

LANSING, MI – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in six counties after deadly flooding in several other locations throughout the state.

Schuette’s declaration comes days after the governor declared the state of emergency in two counties that have seen flash floods, which caused flooding on the State Police state highway and the

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