Is fafsa a grant? – Government Assistance For Single Mothers

I think it’s a small-scale experiment with what’s available today. If you have money you’d have your own home and the children to raise and so forth, which of course people have right now in a way they don’t have in America. There are all sorts of things available today in terms of homes, so I don’t have any sense that if there were something like it somewhere the world would be a very, I think, dangerous place. If there’s something that’s even remotely successful, which I think is the most likely outcome of this, then it would have a lot to do with how people live. You know, people might want to get a little fancier, they might want to do their own thing. That’s something that’s really worth doing today. But if you have money and you live like I do [laughs], that’s not the way to get your priorities right.

And I’d rather live like I do, on a little bit of a fixed income, but I don’t really view that as the only thing that matters in terms of quality, except in a couple of different circles.

In terms of whether or not someone will get sick for being too healthy or too sick, the thing that’s of greatest concern is not what the disease is, which is the most urgent thing to worry about. That’s probably the most important thing. I mean, the more urgent thing is, if someone doesn’t get sick for the first 10 years or whatever of their life. The longer they’re alive, they’re going to have a chance to recover. And they won’t really be as dead as people might imagine that somebody will be. The death rate is just gonna be higher. It’s pretty scary.

Also very good to point you guys to the Fisker Institute

What about the Fisker Institute site?

The site is awesome. I don’t use it very much at all in terms of being a customer, but I do check it out when I want to read about a new project (or whatever). And the videos are great stuff.

Do you think anyone would want a car built by the Fisker Team?

They’re not looking to make a profit, they’re looking to build a product. If the Fisker team makes a car that sells well, that’s a wonderful thing for the world and a wonderful opportunity. But no one is looking to make a profit. The whole point is to build a car that gives

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