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The federal grant program provides money to universities for activities that boost university teaching and research. It has funded more than $6 billion in research and education activity since 1995.

What research projects are funded by the university?

The federally funded research programs that are most useful for research include:

Research into human biological and physical chemistry.

Research into the human brain.

Research into computer systems that analyze and understand the world.

Development and application of new and relevant technologies, including biomedical, nanomedicine, energy and communications, and information security.

How much of the research and education done by a university is funded through federal grants?

According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), the U.S. does $60 billion in research and education each year.

How does NSF make money?

NSF gets most of its funding from its three main sources of revenues, public funding (about 75%), private funding (15%) and profits.

How much does taxpayer money go to the universities that receive federal grants?

According to the NSF (in 2012, the last year available), about $6 billion in federal funding went to universities (about 20% of the $70 billion that NSF receives in federal funding). That’s a lot money!

Why do you need federal funding?

The NSF is a federal agency; its mission is to advance knowledge and to promote the security, prosperity and quality of life to all United States citizens. Federal government-financed universities include the colleges and universities, the national laboratories and military branches of the federal government.

Who doesn’t use federal funding?

The university as a whole uses fewer Federal dollars than do states (about $5.7 billion, compared to state and local expenditures of about $18.5 billion); it spends less than a tenth as much on research and teaching (about 1.3% compared to $4.6 billion). The university may not have as many students that use federal money in their education – most go on and off to university on their own.

What does it cost to provide these basic services at the universities?

According to the NSF, the University of California, as an example, spent about $1.3 billion on academic and personnel operations in 2010. The federal government provided $1.1 billion of that. So that’s a total contribution of $3.6 billion in fiscal year 2010 to the education

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