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You can’t get free access (or more) to financial services because the fees that banks charge are part of the fees being charged by financial institutions. If you want free money, you’ll have to get some other service that uses an online profile to access the financial services system.

That’s exactly what I did for an airline-sponsored website. The fees were based in part on my credit history and had to include that airline’s “security” risk rating, like how much a credit-monitoring service costs. If I did something unusual (like sign up for an airline that was getting bad reviews online), that airline might decide to pay a credit-monitoring service to take a more active role in preventing fraud.

In my case, the airline asked me to submit my credit history to their website and that’s how I got my free access to the database of airline-sponsored websites.

If that isn’t enough to get you ready to start an airline-sponsored website, read this:

Riot police use a water cannon against demonstrators at Rennes, northern France, on Sunday. Reuters Police fired rubber bullets and teargas against around 4,000 protesters in central Rennes, in northern France, who are opposing a free trade agreement between Canada and the EU.

The violent clashes ended when riot police fired rubber bullets and teargas towards two dozen members of the anti-TTIP group “Solidarity Europe” (SEA). The protestors were protesting against a massive new trade deal between Canada and the EU in which the EU will get 35% of an EU trade deal with Canada, and Canada will get 35% of all of its goods which go to Europe.

As well as opposition to the EU, some 50 people were arrested on Sunday, including two activists from the group who were found to have held a sign that declared “We don’t like the trade deal”.

“We were in a zone of occupation — with activists — just to make sure the police did not go far, and that we did not move to other areas of the city,” explained Guy Deziel, executive director of Solidarity Europe.

The police have so far tried to diffuse the situation by claiming that two people were injured in the riot, although that is not the case. The protests were reported for close to five hours and some 30 arrests have been made.

Some 400,000 people signed a petition last week calling on the EU to boycott the deal, a move which the police were forced

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