How do I write a grant?

First, read the “Grant Application” or “Grant Report” form before filling it out. In both of these forms, explain the proposed nature and scope of your project.

Next, give your project a name and indicate some key characteristics (such as the location, number of hours, nature and scope) of the proposed project.

After the project name and some key description are chosen, give the project the following three pieces of information:

Income requirement


Scope (time limit)

There are several important points about completing these reports:

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If your project involves any federal, state, or local government agencies, such as a hospital or the U.S. Postal Service, please specify the scope of the project. If it involves both the federal and state governments, you’ll need to include the “State and federal government components” in the state and federal government categories in your grant file so the grant program will know whether that jurisdiction is part of the grant or not. You have the authority to specify any other federal agencies that may be part of the project.

Make sure you include details that will be important to recipients like specific dates and details of the program, such as funding for the “project” and the “specific amount”.

The income requirement and objective statement are the only requirements you need to include to complete the grant form. No other information will be included.

Be sure that the type of work covered by the grant is specified on your grant report. This would include: what type of research is involved, how much you are asking for, and how much is needed.

Note: Many state grant programs specify how much funding is available in different categories. Please check specific state or federal statutes and policies on how funding is made available.

If your project includes any federal agencies such as the U.S. Postal Service or the National Institutes of Health, contact your funding agency to see which grant program they are participating in.

Be sure to include the type(s) of research being done on your project and the amount of funding that is available for the grant under your chosen scope(s). This information should be clearly stated.

Next, fill out the grant application itself. You will need this form to fill in the application materials, pay for the application expenses and file your application. The completed application is the only way to ensure that your grant application is complete and that your application is not lost when it is sent to