How do I get funding for my startup? – Real Estate Investment Grants For Minorities

I have had great success at crowdfunding, and I currently have no further plans to do it much in the way of funding. There are a few possible approaches, all of which I’ve covered in-depth on The Story of Tinkler. The primary method for funding is a Kickstarter. Since I’m a freelance writer with minimal funds to fall back on, I decided that Kickstarter was the best path. Kickstarter allows me to be a complete indie author and to make my project, a book, viable. The process requires no upfront investment, and there is no obligation to return any money you raise. After the project is funded, backers should email me your credit card information and the Kickstarter address to receive a confirmation.

How can you do a Kickstarter that doesn’t take your money?

This may be a strange question but I have always told people that when you start something as an independent author, make absolutely no money off the project. The best way for someone to get a book published is to do absolutely nothing. However there is some flexibility in this decision, and sometimes books don’t sell as well as you think they will. Sometimes the book goes straight to a retailer and a second release, or is adapted to a film. If you are not convinced at this point, consider yourself warned.

How does the writer/publisher choose the reward tier that is the best to give backers?

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The main reward for writers is an ebook version of their story along with free copies to authors who sign up for our newsletter. There are many different reward tiers available as listed above. We often reward people who have given us feedback who were interested in the rewards as well.

How do I make a Kickstarter special?

Special rewards are often an integral part of Kickstarter success but they can sometimes be a bit of a pain. If you need a special reward, use Kickstarter’s “special rules” that will allow you to create a special “thank you” reward. Once you have a description of what you’re offering in a format that Kickstarter can view, send that info directly to Kickstarter and we will work out a reward that may take into account your unique requirements.

Can you be funded through a Kickstarter or by the publisher?

Yes. At the present time, we only work with companies and individuals who are willing to make a small commitment to our effort. Please note that you can also pay us via a credit card and get our free ebook version. That way you’ll get the benefits of a

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