How do I get free money to start a business? – Free Government Grants To Pay Off Debt

There are many ways to get free money to do any kind of business you can imagine, even if it is just a few hundred bucks.

Some options would be making online ads for a company you can sponsor, selling your services as a consultant, working on some book of your own, making a few hundred dollars as a thank you, selling your idea on eBay, or anything else that might involve work for yourself.

Here are a few examples:

A few years ago, when I was still just starting my own startup, I had about $150 left for a “test product”. I needed to sell those products to get the money to pay my rent. It involved my making a presentation explaining myself and my business and a meeting of the minds to decide which of my ideas I would like to see in the future. I decided to focus on the “toxic” items first.

I would then go ahead and start the rest.

Eventually, I had sold about $5k worth of toxic items, making me about $600k after taxes. It was a good number because it was a good deal to start off with and I knew I could get further because I had learned how much I needed to sell.

After running this business for a few weeks, I started noticing that after each sale I was more determined to get a new sale. I wouldn’t look back. I’d work even harder to get more. So I got back to building more product to sell because I needed those sales more than ever before.

Even if you want to start an idea on your own – and that is totally cool, there are lots of free resources online to get started. Here are two examples from my experience:

1) What is business school about? I found that I can learn a ton of information about business by completing business school. In fact, I feel it’s worth doing.

2) I have a free course for startup entrepreneurs. It’s a 30 day course that explains everything you need to start a business for free. I was able to get up to $30k in my first 10 lessons.

Government Grants for Women-Owned Businesses | Investopedia

There are hundreds of others like this out there. There are even free websites that list companies to start yourself. I personally find that it does really help me to learn a lot about the business world and I have learned a ton. It really has been helpful for me to get more insight into the business world.

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