How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – Government Grants For Home Improvements For Senior Citizens

The National Council for the Welfare of the Elderly (NCT) has published information about how to apply for a grant in order to provide support to older people and their family members in the care sector. These free grants are available from 1 March 2014.

What do the costs of a free boiler grant look like?

A boiler grant is given when senior staff at a service provider, either a home and care home or private residential provider (such as a nursing home), believe that additional costs are necessary to operate an aged care service or their home and care home.

The main costs of the grant will be as follows:

the administration costs of administering a boiler grant

the cost of heating the boiler

the costs of installing and lighting a boiler at a facility

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the administrative costs (such as managing applications and the boiler grant application process) associated with administering the boiler grant as a service provider

if a service provider intends to install a boiler at the home and care home on behalf of a senior staff member, the amount they will need to pay out for the boiler grant (assuming they are eligible)

For the administration costs outlined in the boiler grant, any payments made through a community energy discount scheme are also included in these costs.

You should apply for a boiler grant not only in order to provide a home and care home with boiler heating facilities, but also to ensure that you are covered for all the administrative costs associated with administering the boiler grant.

More information comes from the above link.

Does this policy apply to all care homes?

No, although boiler grants to care homes are only provided where senior staff believe that additional costs are necessary.

Does this policy apply to private residential providers?

Yes. The boiler grant policy applies to all care homes operated by private residential providers as well as the residential care homes run exclusively by social home agencies.

How much does a boiler grant cost?

A boiler grant costs the full cost of heating the boiler and installing and lighting a boiler on behalf of a senior staff member or an individual.

Note that the annual cost of the grant can vary depending on the type of boiler, and in certain circumstances, the actual cost can reach into the thousands of pounds.

How do I apply to get a boiler grant?

For details of how to apply see this link!

Where can I get more information on the benefits of living with a service provider aged care service?

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