How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – Free Government Grants For Small Business Start Up Nsw

To be eligible to apply for a boiler grant from the city, you must be a resident of Vancouver with valid proof of residency – a current utility bill, proof of proof of residency, a utility bill, utility address on utility bill, or utility phone number (if available) – and be applying to become a resident of Vancouver. If you are not a resident of Vancouver and are unable to provide proof of your residency, your application may be denied if it is:

unprecedented (i.e. issued without the council’s prior approval under City of Vancouver Regulation 3.0),

not for reasons of health and safety,

not for the purposes of improving the environmental performance of the water infrastructure,

for a new project,

for a new building, or

for the use of an existing building.

Applications that do not comply with the standard will be rejected.

Application fee

Any application fee for a free boiler grant must be paid in advance of the application being processed.

How do I apply for a free boiler grant when I live in a multi-unit or multi-tenancy building?

For building permits and building permits for multi-unit and multi-tenancy buildings, you may use the application form to submit an application and pay the applicable application fee.

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