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Your financial aid or scholarship choices are your decision. Don’t get a “I was offered this, but I turned it down” message. No one knows what programs you are interested in before you decide whether you want to enroll in one.

Also, don’t try and persuade the financial aid office you need a specific amount, or a particular program. There are financial aid offices offering specific programs, based on your financial status. This is more about what you really want. Do check with your financial aid office to see if they offer financial aid on a specific term, or specific dates. Sometimes their programs are only available in a specific geographic area. Most of them will be available in your area.

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Here’s what people say after I ask about specific scholarships

The best way to get money for scholarships is to get scholarship offers that show you that you are eligible for the specific scholarship.

Some banks and credit unions offer different amounts than they do for individual scholarships. If you don’t know which money bank or credit union accepts that particular type of scholarship then go to their website and look up which is the best amount you can receive. They will let you know which organization is providing your financial aid, and can tell you how much or if they accept individual scholarships.

The key is to figure out which type of tuition or fees (tuition, fees, room & board) you can receive at your financial aid institution that will get you scholarships equivalent to the type of tuition or fees offered at your school.

Here’s a list of scholarships that I will give scholarships on the same term

What are scholarships for?

What are your options to raise money for college?

I need help raising money for my school, what services will I need?

If you would like to know about how you can make money for college then please ask! I will always be happy to add other ways to make money.

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