How can I get a government grant?

If you have already been granted funding for a project in your area, you can apply for a “Community Grant”. This is a grant based on the project needs, so you can get a grant from a private company. If you would like to apply to a government agency you can use the “Request Agency Grant”. The main grant agencies that you are most likely to find in your area are:

The National Lottery and the Duchy of Bedfordshire (DNB)

The Duchy of Oxfordshire (DOU)

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Local Government England (LG)

The Grantmakers

The Grantmakers is a local authority that can help with your application for a grant. If you apply for a grant, the Grantmakers will work out if the scheme you are applying for is really suitable for you. They then decide whether to pay for it, or how to distribute the grant.

How much do grants cost?

The Grantmakers and the DNB have both recently introduced a system for calculating the amount they will reimburse you. The scheme was a response to the “Payment Gap” (now abolished) that meant people in areas where government provided grant funding but no local scheme matched the costs.

What do I receive when I apply for a grant?

In the UK the Grantmakers will look for applications from local authorities on their website, and then will either:

send you a small packet with information about your application (in a zip file)

send a larger pack (in a hard copy) and send a £50 cheque to your local post office


send you a small cheque (in money order or postal order) on receipt of your application and your fee (in a postal service)

What does the application process for a grant look like?

Before you apply, you’ll need to fill in the information that’ll be asked of you by the Grantmakers. We’ll tell you what you might expect to be asked in the application forms, and how you can give information about your situation so we can get the grant awarded right.

Then you’ll need to fill in a series of questions about you:

what has you been doing for the last few years?

which local schemes you are applying for?

what does your application mean for you?

Why am I applying for a grant?

Depending on your own experience, you might be able to find some of the