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On Saturday, we took a break from the daily updates to post some old footage of the old days of SAG-AFTRA!

You can check out these shots, in an album with over 20 photos, courtesy of TNA Impact’s Jeff Jarrett! You can see the entire album here at the site.


In the wake of a terrorist attack that killed at least 38 people and left over 170 injured in the French capital on Monday, French President François Hollande addressed the nation, saying in one of the most poignant public addresses of his presidency that the Islamic State group has no basis in Islam.
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Hollande, who is also a Catholic, said “This barbarism is not only an attack on those who carry out this act but it is an attack on Islam itself,” calling it “an attack on the fundamental values that make up our societies” and a “perversion of Islam.”

“The ideology of Daesh is nothing more than a perversion that rejects the religion of peace and the humanity of the human being,” Hollande said before breaking down in tears.

WATCH: François Hollande says France stands united with ‘the whole world’ in response to Paris attacks — CNN International (@cnni) January 9, 2016

Hollande said the attacks, which occurred after the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked last month with cartoon drawings depicting Prophet Muhammad on its pages, were “an assault on the French republic.” He said the victims and those injured were “honestly attacked in an act of terrorism.”

In response to the attacks, Hollande, who has been in office for less than four months, called for a “zero-tolerance policy.”

“A free society cannot tolerate hate,” Hollande said.

A man carrying a wounded child cries after the attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday. (Photo: Jean-Marc Wilmotte/AP) More

Hollande also announced that the prime minister, Manuel Valls, and interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve will chair the meeting that will take place today to discuss how to defend human rights in France.

“France is an open society,” Cazeneuve stated, as reported by French media. “It is part of the world and, on its level, it is our global partner.”

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