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UNRWA, the UN agency that administers services to Palestinians, does provide funding for building projects and for staff salaries and pensions. But some UNRWA construction contracts with contractors outside Israel are not subject to a U.N. grant.

How do I know if the contract I signed has been awarded?

When you find out about the contract awarded, you can contact the contractor or call UNRWA to confirm.

What’s the difference between UNRWA-funded construction projects and UNRWA-unfunded construction projects?

When UNRWA-funded construction projects are funded through an institutional grant from the U.N. Agency for Development Assistance, only the construction work is funded, without an accounting for the costs and benefits.

What’s the difference between UNRWA-funded and UNRWA-unfunded construction projects?

Construction projects funded by an institutional grant for Palestinians are generally larger – usually some $50 million in total, often covering the entire country. Some of these are more extensive than UNRWA-funded projects.

The cost of each major reconstruction project, including the Gaza Strip reconstruction project, was determined by multiplying construction costs by a projection of the number of workers and the number of Palestinians in the area that would be employed as a result of the project. The projected cost for the Gaza Strip reconstruction project was approximately $1.8 billion. If the cost estimate was more than three times that amount, an additional $400 million would not go toward it.

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