Do you have to pay back grant?

No. The grant is a loan from my university. The student can choose to make the grant.

How is the loan repaid?

The grant is repaid through the university with the student’s permission. The student is also responsible for paying the interest. The grant can be repaid at anytime up to the student’s maximum payment plan and may be canceled or suspended at any time.

Where is the grant paid?

All payment is made via the student’s university account.

How do I choose the University to repay the grant?

Check your current balance due and the total amount of your grants and loans online. If there is a balance on student loans we will be able to assist you with repayment at once.

Is the loan paid through the government?

Yes, funds are automatically deposited into your university account through our repayment system.

Do I have to pay additional interest on student loans?

No additional interest is charged to the student loan as it would be with a standard student loan.
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Can my student loans be closed?

Yes, the student loan may be closed for any reason. However, the university cannot extend the student loan to cover your balance.

Can I cancel my Grant account?

No. The Grant (and all other non-student accounts) can only be cancelled by sending a request to your university for cancellation or cancellation of grant accounts.

What is your Guaranteed Grant repayment schedule?

Your Guaranteed Grant payment schedule begins when your university enters into a new agreement with you.

Does my student loans go into a deferred repayment payment?

Student loans are not automatically deferred through the university’s repayment. All student loans have a scheduled repay date which is set by the loan holder. If you decide to request cancellation or cancellation of an account with your grant, your grant will be immediately cancelled and your loan will be automatically closed. If we are still able to close your loan after your loan has been cancelled, all remaining amount on the loan will be repaid.

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