Do I qualify for free loft?

There are three key factors that determine whether or not you can qualify for FREE LUNG:

1.) The Loft Class — Loft Class determines your loft, or the area of loft between your ceiling and the floor. Higher is better.

2.) Length of Stay — The length of stay determines how many nights you can loft.

3.) Floor Area — Floor area determines how much free space you have.

The Loft Class is the number of nights. We recommend going with the longest space you have in your home. The length of stay should be longer than two months so you have the maximum amount of nights you can loft in one place.

Locating Free Loom

To learn more about free loom and how to locate a free loft, visit our Free Looms page. If you have any questions about locating a loft from the free loom tutorial, you may find the Loft Guides Section of this website helpful.

Free Loom FAQs

When can I get a free loft? Listed with the best free loft available are:

How much money is required to qualify for a free loft?

Loft class is determined by the number of nights, the length of stay, and the floor area of your home. Our loft experts can estimate the loft fee for you, but we cannot provide actual loft fees.

Does a free loft cost more than a fixed loft?

Some homes come with the loft already installed. This type of loft charges a fixed price, but allows you to adjust the loft later if it isn’t performing as expected. We suggest you install a free loft if a fixed loft is your style (if you prefer a lower loft) or you are purchasing additional loft units (for adding additional bedrooms or more space). A free loft requires no installation, and has free entry and a clean entry way.

How much is the free loft if there is space inside?
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Before you place your order, you will have a space inside your home that you will need to use for the loft. There are two free loft options you can choose:

1.) The Loft Class (your initial loft choice) — This loft requires just a small modification to your existing loft. In most cases, this loft is the best option (or the cheapest option).

2.) A fixed and upgraded loft — This loft also requires only additional fabrication and installation. It will be much more expensive, but it is the option that most homes are