Do I qualify for college grants?

There’s no specific cutoff to get a full-ride scholarship. For each dollar raised in the Fund, you’ll automatically receive a full tuition grant of three hundred dollars. Students are automatically awarded three hundred dollar scholarships if they do well on the SATs. You’re always responsible for covering college expenses and taking care of yourself during the four years you’ll be attending college.

Why can’t I just make a donation?

No. We are based in Seattle, so we can’t take that financial responsibility on the volunteers. Instead, every dollar we raise benefits those that need it the most. We’ll take care of your scholarship and send it directly to you.

What happens if my student isn’t eligible for scholarship?

If your student is not eligible for the scholarship, you can still join us – we’ll help you set up scholarships to help offset other expenses. If a qualified student from a similar background with similar grades applies or applies for the scholarship, it will automatically be granted to that student.

Will my financial aid award be based off of a certain percentage of income?

Absolutely not! All applicants receive a wide-range of scholarship awards based on their scores. Each student will receive a scholarship award equal to the SAT scores they achieved and the ACT score they’ve scored. In addition, your scholarship will be based off of your total yearly income, including any government and tax assistance.

How do I apply?

You can apply online in your choice of five different options. The most popular option is the MyCollegeApp to use the website to apply. For more applicants, the Common App is more compact and easier to use. These apps are available for iPad, iPhone, and Android. For more of those who’d rather apply with an automated solution, the Personal App is the most popular option. This app is fully automated, and it should work with your student credentials, GPA, AP, and ACT scores, and your financial aid award.

Where are the scholarship applications?

All applicants will go through the application process at the same time.

How do I apply if the application is submitted early?

You can request an early submission by emailing our Scholarship Manager.

Do you apply for college awards in other languages than English?

We do not, but we do recommend Spanish for scholarship applications – there are three more scholarship languages you should check out if you decide to apply for college.

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