Do I qualify for college grants? – How To Get Free Money From The Government For A Car

Yes, you can use Federal Pell Grants and Federal Work-Study to get aid for college. Students can use both for eligible undergraduate and graduate educational activities. Student eligibility varies by family size and need.

What will my Federal Pell Grant do? Will it give me a grant for school supplies, or can it make it easier to pay for college?

No it is not a school grant but rather a loan to cover the cost of college. The grant will be used for tuition and fees that are in the higher education plan and will be given to you and your family if you qualify, or you can make use of the grant for college supplies. If you qualify, your loan amount will be calculated by using the formula below. Your Federal Pell Grant will cover the following expenses:

Tuition and fees in a qualified Higher Education plan

Books and supplies to provide your tuition and fees for four semesters, plus

Room and board (including food), which may vary by family size or circumstances

For an additional description, please review the Federal Pell Grant Grant Schedule and Federal Work-Study Grant Schedule.
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