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No, we don’t. We have no intention of giving anyone anything other than the standard gas meters and meters that we charge the customers, and this is in the form of our bills which we are obliged to give to the customer at the time of purchase.

We have some contracts with the gas utility and we can give them some gas meters (although it is not as comprehensive as the ones on electricity). But apart from that it is just not an option. We have no power at all over the utility.

Does British Gas operate gas meters and meters that have been calibrated by an outside company? No. So all the meters installed by British Gas are still installed by ourselves, unless we specifically state in the meter itself that they will be calibrated at the installation. We do not have a programme to calibrate all gas meters and do not use any external calibrations for meter installation.

Are there any independent meters (i.e. they are not British Gas meters) that are currently available? As we said earlier we don’t have any independent meters. We have a number of meters that have been calibrated with external providers and we will carry that calibration programme through.

There are some devices that can be put to an external meter that have calibration in them. I will probably get on to that a bit here.

At the moment, British Gas meters are not calibrated with external calibrations. But we do do a number of calibration programmes. They range from the calibration of external energy meters that we install (such as at my shop), up to calibrating and re-calibrating the meters directly in our network (such as during a time when meters are not being replaced). We can put some calibration programmes and devices in place for this purpose.

As I mentioned at the beginning, we don’t have a programme to calibrate every meter in our network. Some of the meters we have installed have been calibrated with external manufacturers during a calibration programme. Those meters were only put in place when these calibrations commenced when they were recalibrated. Now, the calibration programme can be carried out when they are re-calibrated.

Wherever there is a need for some calibration, British Gas will do a calibration programme. We can do these on the basis of a licence agreement, on a basis of a contract agreement, the terms of which we will need to discuss with our customers.

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