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They’re usually called “boilers”, you’ll see a number of these. The one we’re looking for is “boiler number X”.

Do you need to apply for additional details?

No – you may be asked to provide information that was on that form and you don’t have to do that. You’re only asking for information that was found during the interview (or at the end of the interview if it’s a “coffee with our boss” type of interview).

What will happen after I tell my employment reference agency that you’re applying for the programme?

The reference agency will contact you to arrange a date to meet, and an appointment for you to meet with an employer, and then get all the details of your application sorted. Once the reference service gets a copy of your application you may be sent a personalised invitation to join our programme. You can decide to accept or decline this invitation. After you have accepted the invitation you will probably go to an appointment that will go into fuller detail about our programme.

You will then have to sit one exam that is just for our programme. You should be able to pass the exam, but not necessarily if you’ve been to any other course.

How do I get a copy of my application?

If you are the employment reference agency you should send all your application documents to their address on the website. Otherwise you should download our form below to send to your reference agency. You can then print and bring it to all interviews you will be doing. If your reference agency has told you that they are going to send you a copy of your application you should check that it’s still there after they leave.

What if my reference agency says the date I need to come in for the interview can’t be arranged because we are in full session?

The reference agency can’t just say that they cannot make it because we are in session. They have to be told that your date is in session and they have to tell you this either on the interview date or immediately afterwards. So if you think this might happen to you, write to us by 11.30am on the same day they give their date of your interview and ask if there are any changes being made.

How do I find my employer or the interview venue?

You’ll need to get your reference to come in for an interview using this link. We suggest that you do a Google search on ‘reference agencies’ on the date that

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