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If I buy an item online from fafsa, can I use the money I pay with that item to buy a laptop? I have used cash in my purchases for about a year but I still have a pile of cash in bank. Do I have to return the cash for a refund I’ve already spent?”

A: First of all, don’t buy electronic goods from fafsa. For example, it won’t work for a laptop which doesn’t come with a warranty. On the other hand, this rule generally means that you won’t have to return the money.

If something you purchased costs more than €130, your account (and not fafsa) will pay the difference, even if you don’t have the correct amount in your account.

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Q: What do I do if my bank won’t let me transfer to the new account?

A: If the bank you are using won’t allow you to transfer money to another one or doesn’t provide enough support in case it’s impossible to do so, the best option is to transfer to another Irish bank via a virtual transfer facility (VfT) to a different one.

On the other hand, it would be wise to wait until you are sure your bank is now accepting transfers from virtual accounts (you can check the status of your virtual bank accounts in the VfT menu).

Q: What do I do in the event of a transfer failure?

A: If there is a failure, you can simply transfer the money into another account.

If, for example, €200 is transferred into your bank account (with your consent), and the transfer fails, you can go to the Bank of Ireland in the next working day and you’ll be able to get a new payment address.

Or you can transfer in cash, although it’s recommended you do that at the closest ATO counter, to a money market or financial institution. These banks typically have an ATM in the building.

Another option is to transfer to a virtual money institution (including VfT providers). There may be one in your home country, or another one in nearby Ireland – we recommend getting one in Ireland.

Q: My bank or the credit union won’t accept the payment. Which do you suggest?

A: The best way to transfer money is probably to use a VfT provider to which you have direct access via the internet, since they can be in the building.


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