Can I use fafsa money for a laptop? – Ahr Grant

No. However, we do offer a money-back guarantee on each purchase with only money back being given at the store when the laptop is returned. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, we will replace it at no cost to you.

Does my laptop have any warranty?

All laptops carry a 30 day guarantee against manufacturer defects. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear. To find out the exact warranty dates and terms please consult the manufacturer warranty. Any warranty claims may be lodged by contacting the manufacturer directly and the claim will be assessed with their standard claim methods.

Can I get my laptop replaced if it breaks and I need a new laptop?

We do do our best to replace broken laptops as a one-off cost. However, if you have a specific laptop with a specific repair requirement, we will often arrange alternative repairs. The customer should be aware that it may not be possible to perform repairs on certain products due to the nature of their manufacturing process. For example, some refurbished laptops would have a very different manufacturing process than standard laptops.

What happens to the money I saved?

While fafsa does not charge any money for a laptop service, it does have a fee as a service fee for a customer to pay to be re-hired for that specific repair. The fee is a 3% service fee for the service.

What happens after a repair is completed?

When the repair is completed, the repair cost is refunded. If a refund is not requested within 10 days, the amount is deducted from your credit card and then sent to the customer. If the refund is not requested, the amount will be deducted from your credit card for service cost and the customer will have no further charge.

How long does it take to get my MacBook repaired?

This varies by laptop as some may require just one call to a specialist.

Some laptops require between 5 & 7 days.

For other laptops, it may take longer to have the repair done.

Can I use my Dell repair cards to make my repair?

Many Mac laptops require that you use one of our Dell Repair cards. Each Repair card comes with a set of screws, a Philips screw driver, and a set of flat head screwdrivers. The screws are specifically designed to keep your machine going after you break the laptop apart.

Can I use a repair card from a Mac repair centre in my repair?


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