Can I get a grant to install gas central heating?

The Homeowners’ Association provides funding for home heating. To apply please log on to your MyHouses or MyHomescope in MyGov, under the ‘Home Owners’ option, or complete this form. Click to download.

If funding is available for gas central heating, can I turn one off or on?

To turn on or off the gas central heater and to install more gas central heating you should take up an existing central heating licence. If you wish to turn off the gas central heating, you can call Gas Central Heat at 1800 366 900 or phone your nearest station to request that it be turned off. We will then issue a refundable permit. Please note that if you turn off the central heating or install more gas central heating you will not be eligible to receive a refund of your HHA payment.

What happens if I have a heating gas supply failure?

After you have checked the safety and installation of your boiler, you will be contacted and required to check the gas supply again. Depending on the severity of your problem, we may have to shut your boiler for some hours or require you to relocate your boiler if your boiler is more than 250 meters away from a gas supply well. If you do so, you will be required to pay gas central heating and gas supply charge at the time of service.

What happens if the gas meter has no gas?

If there is no gas in the meter you may contact us for a gas line replacement. If you need to replace this line, contact Gas Central Heat within 24 hours of the first day of your outage. To do this, call us on 1800 366 900. Please note you will not need to pay gas central heating and gas supply charge.

What happens if the gas meter is not working while I use my boiler?

If you receive a report stating a gas line has had faulty gas and your boiler is not working, please refer to the gas supply section.

What happens if my gas supply goes out?

Please contact our Hotline on 1800 366 900 for a replacement gas supply.

What happens if I get a boilers alarm malfunction?

Please contact our Hotline for a replacement boilers alarm. If the alarm malfunction, please take these steps:

Ask for a complete appliance history. The service manual for the boiler will show the last date when the boiler was used. If the boiler has a date history, request this manual and also provide the appliance serial