Can I get a grant to install gas central heating?

Yes. Please get in touch with your local council for details.

Can your local council offer me grants to be paid on my housing benefit?

No. These grants are for the installation of our gas central heating scheme or to run or contribute to the costs of our gas central heating scheme.

Can I get a local council grant to install my own gas central heating?

Yes, for example where someone else has paid for your heating system.

How do I get the installation of gas central heating?

The installation fees you pay are for the gas central heating you will install. Please note that this does not include the installation of your own gas central heating, and you cannot use the money allocated for this scheme to pay for your own gas central heating.

If you have to pay your bill yourself, we ask you to contact us before you install your gas central heating so that we do not use the bill as a cost to you. If you want to know what you will be paying please ask before you install!

The first official details coming out of Google’s I/O 2014 conference in May made it clear that Android Wear was not coming. Since then however, it has certainly progressed a great deal. With a full ecosystem of wearable devices, not only are developers able to create new apps for wearables, but developers are able to experiment and develop with a very high level of freedom. This is exactly what Google had in mind when it laid out its vision of Android Wear, as the first thing the company had in mind for Wear-enabled devices were watch faces.

As expected, we are seeing more activity around the concept of wearables apps, with the Pebble app for Android Wear going live, along with a few other new apps like RunKeeper and MapMyFitness also making the jump. Even Pebble, the most popular smartwatch out there is beginning to see some of these apps pop up. At I/O it was expected that Google would lay out its official vision on Android Wear, with a slew of exciting announcements about all things watch. It has since then however, made the move to give developers a much bigger platform in order to create all sorts of experiences that they can think out of the box and come up with.

In this year of my life, the Android Wear watch face has become my most used watch face, both on my Android phone and the new LG G Watch. In fact, I might even have a watchface for all of them