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It must not be, is the advice I get from friends and family who ask, given the fact that I am the only female in my family, and no other female in the neighborhood can be described as attractive. A quick glance at the latest New York magazine covers shows me, to their surprise, in a very high number of positions, and their concern is not for my physical appearance, as is generally assumed, but how I will deal with having to marry and have children, a family, etc.

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“There must never be any need for men to be concerned for the looks of women,” they say, and they usually mean it – but there is a long history of ignoring this advice that is so pervasive and so deep rooted in the Western tradition that you are bound to find it in a lot of other places too. It is worth getting the story of this attitude out of the way and understanding it for what it is. The following is based on a chapter from Anne Rothery’s new book, The Beautiful is Beautiful, in which Rothery offers a critique of certain attitudes among Westerners toward women that would seem to reflect a sexist mindset and is one of her many attempts to show the ways the Western view about women can change with the times and change with women.

In the United States, we are generally told that women – and by extension men – must always be “beautiful,” as being thin, thin-skinned, and young is good enough to earn a man’s love and loyalty, especially in heterosexual relationships. The “beauty” of an individual is largely a reflection (not of the individuals, but of how the person may be perceived by others) of two attributes: intelligence and intelligenceiness. Intelligence isn’t really a quality, but a state of mind, and the attributes that go along with it are considered the highest attributes one can attain. Thus, intelligenceiness is the idea that being an intelligent person (or being intelligent) is a beautiful thing, that people love the smart person more than the normal person because they love being with someone who is smart and/or intelligent…

In a certain age, this is how we were taught to

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