Can I get a free boiler if I receive PIP? – Government Grants For Small Business Relief From Covid 19 Uk Daily Mail

We do not offer a free boiler.

I need a FREE boiler for my home/house or condo, but I didn’t get the notification letter. How do I contact the contractor?

You should take your home inspection report to our Property Management Services office (310-874-5500) to arrange a free boiler for your home/house or condo. You should then ask your contractor to refer you to one of our residential heating contractor (home heating) offices.

If you are not sure whether you need a free boiler (e.g. we have not received your home inspection report, your contractor has not referred you to one of our offices, or your heater installation is done by someone else) please contact us at (310) 874-5500.

My contractor just took my home inspection report, what now?

Please come to our Property Management Services office in one to two weeks and meet one to two (2) of our friendly, licensed, and insured, residential heating contractors (home heating) who will come to your home and explain the new standard for your new or used home heating system.

My boiler is leaking

Please give a notice of suspected heating pipe/sewer failure (PIP) to any one of the companies listed above. We will then ask the contractor to inspect the pipe or piping for leak(s). The contractor will then contact us with the details so that we can make adjustments on the furnace (e.g. if there is a need for a more flexible heating coil). In some cases such as the pipe or piping where the pipe itself is cracked, we will make repairs to the hole using steel wool. There may be extra charges that apply to those areas where the heat or power are not turned on yet.

If you believe your leak is due to something that caused the leak to happen, you may be able to use the code for this problem under the Residential Code (e.g., section 5-1301.5(j), or the Code of Practice of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for Insulation) to apply to this cause of the leak, instead of our Residential Code. Please contact us before making this change.

Please note that the repair of plumbing leaks or repairs to existing pipes/sewer are exempt from the codes as long as they have not previously been included in the PIP.

How might I pay for a free boiler?

We don’t charge

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