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We require all applicants to commit to attend the University of the Philippines for two years. We do not have the funds to cover all college-related expenses and may use limited funding to finance undergraduate studies, and we may also use funds to cover expenses in the absence of a degree.

Will I be eligible if I am not in the United States?

Yes, your application is reviewed and we will send you a letter of rejection. We are unable to issue financial aid as a condition of admission to the University. Some applicants to this program may be unable to support themselves. If a program is approved and the applicant does not meet the stipulations for such aid, all scholarship funds offered will be returned to the applicant. You will not be refunded any additional tuition.

Do I have to stay in the United States for my full two years?

No, applicants are given enough time to make arrangements for travel to and through the United States. Application requirements are similar to those of most international students. Applicants from any foreign country have the option of an initial two-year study period in the United States and of two years additional study time in the United States and/or the Philippines.

Will I need to provide additional documents, such as a financial declaration card or passport?

No, applicants do not need to provide any additional documents other than their application and any other evidence of financial need.

May I apply for this program without a recommendation from my high school?

No scholarships are available without recommendation from those who have attended high school or university in the United States.

Where can I find more information and information on scholarships and financial aid for this program?

Visit Scholarships.University.US for more about funding for international education. Visit the University of the Philippines Student Financial Services (USPSS) to ensure you have the financial resources to attend the University of the Philippines, in addition to other financial aid options.

How do I apply?

Applicants for admission should apply through the USAPPSS through the US Department of Education’s International Admissions website at http:// Click the United States as your country to apply, or click the Philippines as your country to apply for the Philippines scholarships.

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